7 most famous jazz musicians

A new musical direction, called jazz, was born at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries as a result of the merger of European musical culture with African. It is characterized by improvisation, expressiveness and a special type of rhythm. At the very beginning of the twentieth century, new musical ensembles called jazz bands began to be created.

Performance - subtleties and nuances

Music is an amazing, delicate world of human feelings, thoughts, experiences. The world that has been attracting millions of listeners to concert halls for centuries has inspired composers and performers. The mystery of the music is that we enthusiastically heed the sounds written by the hand of the composer, but presented to us by the work of the performer.

Musician: how to neutralize pop excitement?

The excitement before the performance - the so-called variety excitement - can ruin a public appearance, even if it is the fruit of long and stubborn rehearsals. The thing is that on stage an artist gets into an unfamiliar environment - a zone of discomfort. And the whole body instantly responds to this discomfort.

Musical eccentric

The musical eccentric is a capacious, bright and very curious artistic phenomenon. Under it understand the performance of music on various subjects, which are used as musical instruments. These can be pans, saws, buckets, washing boards, typewriters, bottles, and more - almost everything that makes a sound.

Unusual Musical Abilities

The presence of musical memory, musical ear, possession of a sense of rhythm, emotional sensitivity to music is called musical ability. Virtually all people to one degree or another have all these gifts from nature and can develop them if they wish. Outstanding musical abilities are much less common.

Piano Performance: A Brief Background

The history of professional musical performance began in those times when the first musical composition recorded with notes appeared. Performance is the result of the composer’s bilateral activities, expressing his thoughts through music, and the performer who embodies the author’s creation.

Optimal concert status, or how to overcome the excitement before performing on stage?

Performers, especially beginners, often do not know how to overcome excitement before a performance. All artists differ in character, temperament, level of motivation and volitional qualities. These personality traits, of course, only partly affect the ability to adapt to public speaking. After all, a successful entry to the stage of everyone still depends, first of all, on the willingness and desire to play, and also on the strength of stage skills (in other words, experience).