G. Sviridov cantata "Snow is coming": history, video, interesting facts, content

G. Sviridov Cantata "The Snow Is Coming" "Little Triptych" is the so-called cantata "The Snow is Coming", written by the outstanding Russian composer Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov. He created this miniature masterpiece of vocal and instrumental music based on the works of Boris Pasternak, a remarkable poet whose work for some reason did not attract the attention of other composers.

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K. Orff "Carmina Burana": history, video, interesting facts, listen

Karl Orff "Carmina Burana" One of the most controversial classical works of the 20th century is a symphonic cantata for choir, soloists and orchestra "Carmina Burana". From the moment of the premiere to this day, one can come across diametrically opposite opinions about both the composition and its author. But all the contradictions are in keeping with the spirit of the epoch: 1937, Nazism in Germany, the composer's Jewish roots ... None other than fate itself, or Fortune, had a draw here.

S. Taneyev "John of Damascus": history, video, interesting facts, content

S. Taneyev "John of Damascus" This work on the premiere performance touched the hearts and souls of the listeners so much that he was immediately called the Russian Requiem. And indeed, "John of Damascus" - a cantata with lyrical and philosophical content was the first creation of the twenty-eight-year-old Sergei Taneyev, in which the skill and talent of the musician appeared very convincingly.