Irish folk music: national musical instruments, dance and vocal genres

Irish folk music is an example when the tradition becomes popular, because at this time, both in Ireland itself and abroad, including in the CIS countries, many performers with great pleasure play Irish folk or "Celtic" music. . Of course, it is worth noting that most of the teams play not quite authentic music for the Emerald Isle, for the most part all compositions are played in a modern style, simply with the inclusion of Irish folk instruments.

Orthodox church music and Russian classical music

The secular works of outstanding Russian composers organically included images of Orthodox spirituality, and found a vivid embodiment of the intonation of Orthodox church music. The introduction of bell-ringing into opera scenes became a tradition in the nineteenth-century Russian opera. Coming to the sources, Orthodox spirituality, possessing high value landmarks, carrying moral purity and inner harmony, nourished Russian music, in contrast, presenting and exposing the insignificance of worldly vanity, the baseness of human passions and vices.

Japanese folk music: national instruments and genres

Japanese folk music is a rather distinctive phenomenon due to the isolation of the islands of the Rising Sun and the careful attitude of the people inhabiting them to their culture. Consider first some Japanese folk musical instruments, and then genres characteristic of the musical culture of this country.