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Pipe: history, video, interesting facts

Pipe In childhood, we all loved to read fairy tales. The wonderful world of magic stories initially taught us goodness and justice. And the exciting adventures of the heroes, who always reached the goal, despite the fact that they were in unrealistic situations with an incredible number of different obstacles, were optimistically set to believe in success in all life endeavors.

Maracas: history, video, interesting facts

Musical instrument: Maracas (maraki) If you want to visit paradise on earth, be sure to visit one of the countries of the Caribbean region. The warm sea, the silk sand of the beach, the nature of amazing beauty, the sea of ​​entertainment and among them are passionate Latin American dances: salsa, cha-cha-cha, mambo, merengue, bachata, sambo, which cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Zaleyka: history, video, interesting facts

Musical instrument: Zhaleyka At one time, the glorious comedy Grigory Alexandrov “Merry guys” about the funny adventures of the talented and cheerful shepherd Konstantin Potekhin was very popular in our country. There are such comic episodes in the film that caused the audience to laugh uncontrollably.

Darbuk (Tabla, Dumbek): history, video, interesting facts

Darbuka (Tabla, Dumbek) The East is a mysterious, fascinating magical world, known from childhood to us through the amazing tales of “Thousand and One Nights”, which still attracts the attention of many researchers: its secrets, thousand-year-old customs, traditions and unique features of a multifaceted culture. A huge artistic value, which occupies a special place in the treasury of world literature and is an inexhaustible fount of wisdom, are works of great Oriental poets: Omar Khayyam, Saadi, Rudaki, Firdousi.

Castanets: history, video, interesting facts

Castanets Spain ... What associations arise when you hear the name of this beautiful country? Certainly, olive groves, beautiful sea, sunny beaches with golden sand, exciting bullfights with angry bulls and brave toreros are presented. In addition, a picture with a graceful dark-haired girl appears in our thoughts, who, to the expressive sounds of a guitar and virtuoso clicking, the castanets perform incendiary flamenco.

Didgeridoo: history, video, interesting facts

Didgeridoo Man has always sought to know himself, carefully studying the history of his evolution. Until now, there are many questions about the origin of "reasonable man" - Homo sapiens, and the main mystery in the way of this knowledge are the aborigines - the indigenous people of Australia. This is an ethnographic phenomenon - an isolated group of tribes, which in its physiological and mental development was frozen at the level of the Stone Age and before the advent of the colonists knew neither the wheel nor the writing.

Tambourine: history, video, interesting facts.

Altai Tambourine is a magical land with amazingly beautiful nature, with golden mountains, blue lakes and low canyons, recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, and repeatedly sung by poets. If anyone has ever been there, they will remember this all their lives. A charming, magical place calms, leads to peace of mind and serenity in thoughts.

Ocarina: history, video, interesting facts

Okarina Rus has always been famous for talented craftsmen, whose work has long been impressive and continues to delight people with amazing works of folk art. Among the arts and crafts of Russia, which are known throughout the world: the famous Russian nesting doll, Gzhel ceramics, Zhostovo trays, Khokhloma wooden dishes, Fedoskino lacquer miniature.

Vargan (Khomus, Kubyz): history, video, interesting facts

Vargan (Khomus, Kubyz) The world of shamans .... He is very mysterious and attractive to modern man. In the age of technological progress and mad speeds, the connection between people and Nature is almost completely lost. We understand with our subconscious that interaction with it is very important, because it gives strength and life fills with meaning.

Duduk: history, video, interesting facts

Musical instrument: Duduk Armenia is an amazing ancient country. Who was lucky enough to visit there at least once, impressions and pleasant memories will remain for life. Armenia is famous for the extraordinary beauty of landscape nature with the mountain peaks of Ararat, kind people, national cuisine, the most delicious apricots in the world and interesting traditions.

Balalaika: history, video, interesting facts, listen

Musical instrument: Balalaika If someone asks you, what Russian folk musical instrument do you know? Undoubtedly, the balalaika, the most ancient and recognizable musical symbol of Russia, is immediately recalled. The instrument can rightly be called truly national: in its sound it seems that the Russian soul itself is heard - now distant and irrepressible, now sad and pensive ... Great Russian people loved to listen to the balalaika, among them: A.

Harmonica (harmonica): history, video, interesting facts

Harmonica (harmonica) The rich world of musical instruments is very diverse. What only representatives you will not meet in this kingdom. There are so many that it is simply impossible to list. Indeed, in addition to the internationally recognized, every nation has its own musical instruments, which are national symbols and reflect the identity of a particular culture.

Domra: history, video, interesting facts, listen

Musical instrument: Domra Since ancient times, ordinary people in Russia have shown their spiritual experiences as well as the events taking place in folk art. Assistants in this were various folk musical instruments, the art of execution of which was passed on from generation to generation.

Banjo: history, video, interesting facts

Musical instrument: Banjo Culture and lifestyle of the population of any country is always reflected in folk art, characterized by its originality and original inimitable color. In the United States of America, one of the most common and popular varieties of national music is incendiary and cheerful country music, which absorbed many styles and tendencies of the country's emigrant population, both white European settlers and African Americans.

Cymbals: history, video, interesting facts

Musical Instrument: Cymbals of Belarus ... A magical land whose beauty is impossible to describe in words. It is not for nothing that they call it blue-eyed: thousands of rivers and lakes of heavenly blue are the hallmark of the country. The centuries-old Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Polesye, golden fields, windmills, as well as ancient castles and fortresses are a small bit of what can impress a traveler who has visited this amazing land.

Bayan: history, video, interesting facts, listen

Musical instrument: Bayan The sound palette of the world of musical instruments is extremely rich - it is a violin with its charming voice, a harp with a crystal sound or a trumpet with a brilliant timbre. Among the wide variety of musical instruments there is one that can rightly be called a small orchestra.

Harp: history, video, interesting facts

Musical instrument: Harp "In a certain kingdom, in a certain state ....". This is how many Russian folk tales begin, which we enjoyed listening with great pleasure in childhood. Here we met the good and evil heroes, as well as a lot of different wonderful magical things, such as the self-dressing tablecloth, the invisible hat and the self-sucking gusli, which make you dance tirelessly.

Ukulele: history, video, interesting facts, design

Musical instrument: Ukulele The most famous landmark of the Hawaiian Islands is the smallest, but very proud guitar, which received the funny name of the ukulele. This word has two meanings: the first is a jumping flea, and the second, if you divide the word into two parts, the gratitude that comes.

Accordion: history, video, interesting facts, listen

Musical instrument: Accordion Traveling around the world of musical instruments, you never cease to be surprised by its diversity. But among this wealth there is one representative who attracts the attention with a beautiful and euphonic name - the accordion. When you listen to its sound, you immediately associatively represent Paris, Montmartre, Champs Elysees - France and the accordion are inseparable.