Proper promotion of a musical group - PR-manager's tips

Work with the target audience, the development of all kinds of connections, continuous self-improvement - these are the “three whales” on which the independent promotion of the group is based. But it makes no sense to promote a musical group without a name and a clearly defined style. Let us consider the key aspects of the promotion of a young musical group, to which one should first of all pay attention.

Rhythmic music for sports

It is not a secret for anyone that playing sports requires certain physical efforts, and sometimes even to the point of possible for professional athletes. Many experts unanimously argue that melodic, rhythmic music helps maintain the necessary pace in the exercises. But, as you know, the music is very diverse, one can have a positive effect on the performance of certain exercises, and the other way around - to bring down the breath or rhythm.

How to quickly learn a poem?

Knowing how to quickly learn a poem can be useful not only for schoolchildren or students, but also for any person. In principle, throughout the life you have to memorize something, memorize it. There are several ways to learn a poem in the shortest time. Choosing the right method, more precisely, more suitable for an individual, helps to facilitate further movement and development in kindergarten, school, institute and of course in work.

How to write music on the computer

In the modern world with rapidly developing computer technology and society, going with all the innovations in step, often the question arises, how to write music on a computer? Most often, creative personalities, both professional musicians and those who have independently mastered musical literacy, choose a computer as a tool for creating their own musical masterpieces.

Music transpose

Transposing music is a professional technique that many musicians use - more often than other vocalists and their accompanists. Quite often, singing numbers in transport is asked by solfege. In this article, we will look at three main ways of transposing notes, in addition, we will derive such rules that help in the practical transposition of songs and other musical works from the sheet.

The most famous classical music

So, in the center of our attention today - the most famous classical musical works. For several centuries classical music has been stirring its listeners, evoking in them storms of feelings and emotions. It has long become a part of history and thin threads intertwined with the present. Undoubtedly, in the distant future, classical music will be no less in demand, since such a phenomenon in the music world cannot lose its relevance and significance.

The most famous marches

Marsh is a genre in music whose works are intended for the simultaneous movement of a large number of people. The march has a clear rhythm and a measured pace that does not change throughout the composition. This genre has gained great popularity in the army, and is the main focus of military music.

What should be the site of a musician who is just starting his career?

Every novice star who has performed at the bar or club at least once or laid out her track to the masses has her fans. Yes, at this moment it is, to a greater extent, only a group of people interested in creative work, but in the future it can grow in proportion to the star’s popularity. To do this, you must always keep in touch with people who are interested in the work of a musician.

Travel Born Music

Vivid pages in the lives of many outstanding composers were traveling to different countries of the world. The impressions received from trips inspired great masters to create new musical masterpieces. The great journey of F. Liszt. The well-known cycle of F. Liszt’s piano plays is called “Years of Travel”.

Interesting facts about art

Art - is part of the spiritual culture of man, a form of artistic activity of society, a figurative expression of reality. Consider the most interesting facts about art. Interesting facts: painting. Not everyone knows that art originates from the times of primitive people, and many of those who are aware of this hardly think that the caveman owned polychrome painting.

How to learn to write solfege dictations

Musical dictations - one of the most interesting and useful exercises for the development of hearing, it is a pity that many do not like this form of work in the classroom. To the question "why?", They usually answer: "do not know how." Well, then, it's time to learn. We will comprehend this wisdom. Here are two rules for you. Rule one.