Site news: welcome to our group in contact!

Good afternoon dear friends! Today I am publishing a non-standard post for site users: we will get to know you better! Our site has been around for six months, quickly filling up with new interesting content and gradually expanding the range of its audience. I will not give statistics, although they are very curious, I can only say that it is the audience of the site that remains the power that does not allow to abandon the project and motivates further development and improvements.

How to record a song at home?

Many people just love to sing, someone knows how to play music on certain musical instruments, someone writes music, words, in general, ready-made songs. And at one fine moment, you may want to record your work, so that not only close people could listen, but, for example, send to some competition or just put it on the Internet on a personal website or blog.

How to choose a good online English course?

There are many ways to master the subtleties of the language: from banal listening to audio lessons to acquaintance with English-language YouTube and watching foreign films (it is even surprising how evening watching your favorite movie can bring not only pleasure, but also benefit). Everyone chooses the method of study, which he likes.

How to learn a poem with a child?

Very often, the parents face the task of preparing a poem for a holiday with a child in a kindergarten or just to entertain and please the guests. However, it may not be included in the plans of the child, and he flatly refuses to memorize the necessary text. The reason is quite logical, the little man has a fear of a large amount of new information and the brain simply tries to protect itself against overload with this reaction.

Promotion of the musical group: 5 steps to fame

Very often groups gather only from the desire to simply play their favorite songs together with someone. But if your dreams are much more ambitious, then to achieve them you will need a specific plan of action. However, it is not necessary to be intimidated in advance by exhausting schedules and high monetary expenses, because the initial promotion of a musical group does not require this at all.

On the music of words and poetry of sounds: reflections

When musicologists said that "philosophical thoughts sound," or "psychological depth of sound," I was at first wondered what they were talking about. How is it - music and suddenly philosophy? Or, especially, psychology, and yes even "deep." And listening to, for example, songs performed by Yuri Vizbor, who invites you to “fill the heart with music,” I understand it at once.

To help the novice musician: 12 useful applications Vkontakte

For novice musicians on the social network Vkontakte, many interactive applications have been created that allow you to learn notes, intervals, chords, and properly tune your guitar. Let's try to figure out whether it really is and how such applications help to learn the basics of music. Virtual piano Vkontakte Let's begin, perhaps, with a rather popular (on the pages of half a million users) flash application "Piano 3.

The magic of music or how music affects us

It's no secret that each of us likes to listen to music. One of the first questions when meeting a new person is the question of musical preferences. The answer is quite capable of causing any reaction: it can help bring people closer together, embroil, stir up a lively conversation that will last for several hours, or establish lasting deathly silence.

How to become a DJ? Simple recommendations

This kind of activity and even you can say the profession as a DJing is becoming increasingly popular among young people. If a couple of decades ago this type of activity was new and little-known, today many young people dream of seeing themselves at the DJ desk, and from time to time they think about how they could become a DJ.

New Year's Eve: 15 traditions of your favorite holiday

Can you smell tangerines? So soon the new year! In childhood, for many of us, this smell meant the beginning of winter and the approach of a beloved holiday. For many Russian families, it has become a good tradition to spread tangerine tangerines around the house - they have become a peculiar sign-symbol of the New Year. Do you believe in Santa Claus?

The specifics of teaching humanities in a technical college: the view of an experienced teacher

Over the years, students are less and less differentiated: few of the best are remembered, for which you try, you lay it out, and the main gray mass is not good enough - it will, at best, join the ranks of a rapidly thinning working class, at worst it will be marginalized and will inexorably slide into the very "bottom" living, where he will spend the rest of his days, if the new Zhirinovsky does not appear on the political arena, ready to lead this pack of offended and under-learned lumpen proletarians.

How are songs recorded in the studio?

Sooner or later, many musical groups in their work come to a time when for the further advancement and development of the group it is necessary to record a few songs, so to speak, make a demo recording. Recently, with the development of modern technology to make such a record at home seems quite real, but the quality of such records, of course, leaves much to be desired.

What are the music professions?

It would seem that classical music is a narrow field of activity of a select circle of people. In fact, there are quite a lot of professional musicians in society. This is not surprising, because hundreds of millions of people on the planet listen to music, and music must come from somewhere. Today we will talk about where the musicians work, and we will name the most common music professions.

How to make a music video?

At first glance, creating a music video may seem like a rather difficult and time consuming task. But first, let's define and find out what a music video is. In fact, this is the same film, only very truncated, short. The process of creating a music video is almost the same as the process of creating a film, using similar techniques and techniques.

The secret of success Zhenya Otradnaya

Virtually all vocalists dream of winning a big competition. For the sake of this chance, they spend hours teaching songs, rehearsing movements, creating images, but most often they don’t rise above third or second place in regional or regional competitions. And even winning such a competition, they do not get fame and glory, at least, a chance to establish themselves in the world of show business.