Easter bell "Bell" - notes of Easter chants

During the forty-day Easter celebrations, the troparion of the festival is sung thousands of times in a wide variety of tunes. One of these tunes is the so-called "Bellflower", the music for which was written by the composer M. Vasiliev. Notes of the troparion Easter "Bell" in the format can be downloaded from this page, save and print.

Look, don't freeze! Or 3 New Year hits for a beginner keyboard player!

Greetings to you, dear friends! Recently I was asked: "What should a beginner self-taught pianist play? What are the simple melodies for piano?" So, it would be nice to play the music that you like - your favorite songs, albeit in a simplified form. Well, since the approach of the New Year celebrations is just around the corner, it’s time to learn to play the well-known, simple and funny New Year's songs, the hits of all times and nations - Little Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree and Jingle bells ".

Troparion and kontakion of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - notes of festive chants on vocal chants

We continue to publish notes of everyday church hymns for the holidays for those who independently prepare for services or participate in amateur choirs. For this issue we have prepared a troparion and a kontakion of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the upcoming holiday, which is celebrated on August 28. The feast of the feast begins with the words "In Virginity virginity has preserved thou art" (the first "line") and is sung on the 1st voice.

Troparion and Kondak of the Nativity of Christ - notes of everyday chants

The troparion and kontakion of the Nativity of Christ are church chants, which are often heard for the services in the churches during the whole Christmas celebrations. I prepared the notes of these Christmas carols in their everyday version - they can be downloaded from the links that will be given below. Troparians and kondaks are small hymns-hymns in which the meaning of the feast is revealed or the remembered saint is glorified.

Easter Poems - Notes of Easter Chants

At the end of the matins of the Easter service, Easter Poems are sung - notes of the everyday melody of these verses on the fifth voice can be downloaded directly from the page where you are now. The Easter poems consist of five troparias (verse), which are preceded by separate verses from psalms (the first verse is “May God rise again ...”, the last is “Glory and now”).

Flesh asleep - notes of easter exapostilaria

From this page you can download notes "Flesh asleep" everyday chant. Flesh falling asleep - these are the first words of the exapostilaria of Easter, which is sung three times in a choir or trio after the singing of the Paschal canon (after the ninth song of the minor litany). Exapostilaria is a special song in which the retelling of a passage from the Gospel read in matins is given in a concise form.

Triumph, have fun, Angels in the sky ... notes and lyrics of two more Christmas carols

Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays in Russia. A long time ago, there was a tradition in the days of the celebration of this joy-filled holiday to congratulate each other with singing Christmas carols. Carols are the most different: some retell the Gospel events of the night to us, in which the Savior descended to the earth to the people, others scattered with the genuine joy of the national holiday, others and quite comic ones.

Holy night ... Two Christmas carols - notes and lyrics

Every day the feast of the Nativity of Christ is getting closer and closer. Today I will introduce you to two more carols - "The night is quiet over Palestine" and "This is a holy night." As always, you can download the notes and texts of these carols for yourself. In the attached file you will find two options for the musical notation of each song - for high and for low voices.

Good evening, Tobi ... Notes and text of a Christmas carol

One of the great holidays is approaching - the Nativity of Christ, which means it's time to start preparing for it. The holiday is decorated with a beautiful custom of singing Christmas carols. So I decided to quietly start with these carols to introduce you. Look forward to the notes of Good Toby Evening Carols and a whole collection of festive videos.

Troparion and kontakion to the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord - notes of everyday chants.

For our site now it has become a tradition to publish notes of festive church chants, in particular tropari and kondaki. This time we prepared notes for you: troparion and kontakion of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Despite the fact that any kondak or troparion is sung on the established vocal chant, and for professional right or left choirs there is no difficulty in singing them, we found it necessary to write as many songs as possible with the notes.

Easter Troparion - notes of everyday holiday chants

Very soon the great feast of the Resurrection of Christ will come, solemn divine services will be held, during which the Orthodox will joyfully in their hearts repeat the words "Christ is Risen" many times. Easter troparion begins with these words - notes of its everyday version (on the fifth voice), as well as other tunes (“Court”, “Bell”), you can watch and download directly from this page.