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Interesting facts about the Link Opera Varieties of Link Opera The special power of opera art Link "Opera is an art that was born of the mutual love of music and theater" - this definition was given to this genre by the outstanding opera director of modernity BA Pokrovsky. But indeed, these two ancient arts have always been close by: the theater did not exist without singing and dancing, and any performance of music was accompanied by acting.

Varieties of Opera

Varieties of Opera The opera begins its history at the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries in the circle of Italian philosophers, poets and musicians - Camerata. The first work in this genre appeared in 1600, the creators took the famous story of Orpheus and Eurydice as the basis of the plot. Many centuries have passed since then, but operas continue to be composed with enviable regularity by composers.

Interesting facts about opera

Interesting facts about opera Presents you a selection of the most interesting facts related to the genre of opera. Perhaps you will discover something new and otherwise look at some of the operatic masterpieces. The word opera translated from Italian means "product", "work", "work". Such concepts as "soap opera" and "space opera" ("kosmoopera") have nothing to do with musical theater.

One act opera

An opera consisting of one stage action is called a one-act opera. This action can be divided into pictures, scenes, episodes. The time duration of such an opera is significantly less than the multi-stroke one. Despite its miniature size, opera in one act is a full-fledged musical organism with developed dramaturgy and architectonics, it differs by genre variety.

What is opera, opera history

What is opera, opera history What do we know about opera? Any musicologist will say that this is a synthetic genre that combines different types of art. A simple listener will answer this question differently, probably by mentioning that a mandatory attribute of any opera is singing and dramatic action unfolding on the stage.

Opera "Don Juan" - an ageless masterpiece

Great masters believed that music is just an imitation of human singing. If so, any masterpiece fades before a regular lullaby. But when vocals come to the fore - this is the highest art. Here the genius of Mozart knows no equal. The most famous operas by Wolfgang Mozart wrote at a time when the composer’s ability to fill music with his feelings was at its peak, and in Don Juan this art reached a climax.


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Operetta "Silva": content, video, interesting facts, history

I. Kalman Operetta Silva (Queen of Czardas) The Hungarian composer Imre Kalman wrote Silva in 1915, that is, in the era of modernity, the era of the world that was "spelled" by Modern. At that time, faith in science replaced the spiritual quest that had gone to the catacombs. Art, reflecting and expressing a new reality, changed and "landed".


The performances of Link Opera et cetera Link Operetta Link In the modern world, interest in opera is not only not fading away, but increasingly growing. Do not believe? Try to buy a ticket for an opera performance in La Scala, the Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden or the Vienna Opera! Why, even in our country, to see a serious performance with famous performers, you need to visit one of two capitals, or go to a major city.

Opera "Aleko": content, video, interesting facts, history

S. Rachmaninov opera "Aleko" A little more than 20 days of work on the opera, 19 years to its author ... Who would have thought that the thesis work of the young graduate of the conservatory will be performed for at least several centuries? But the young man was called Sergey Vasilyevich Rakhmaninov, the librettist of the debutant was V.

Operetta "Maritsa": content, video, interesting facts, history

I. Kalman Operetta "Maritza" Incendiary operetta to Imre Kalman "Maritza" is considered the most "Hungarian" work of the author. It is full of national dances, melodies, characteristic types. Seeing the light in 1924 on the stage of the theater An der Wien, the operetta was a huge success. Her gypsy-Hungarian romance and brightness did not leave anyone indifferent.

Opera "The Power of Fate": content, video, interesting facts, history

G. Verdi opera "The Force of Fate" Opera "The Force of Fate" speaks with a man about the due. Fate itself leads the heroes who shy away from the final setting of all points "above i" to a tragic finale. Sentiments do not win the heroes of honor and rock. The war, the walls of the monastery, the long distance and the mountains - nothing can withstand the fate of fate - the fate of the challenge thrown to the heroes in the first act of the opera.

Opera "Othello": content, video, interesting facts, history

D. Verdi Opera "Othello" "Othello" - one of the best tragedies of William Shakespeare. Naturally, composers could not ignore such an outstanding work. When a proposal was made to write an opera on this outstanding work, Giuseppe Verdi hesitated for a while, since the deep philosophical side of Othello required considerable musical understanding.

Opera "Human Voice": content, video, interesting facts, history

F. Poulenc opera "The Human Voice" "Little Masterpiece" - this was how the contemporaries of the French composer Francis Poulenc were characterized by his mono opera "The Human Voice" - a musical work that amazes with extraordinary emotionality and beauty. The author in this exciting work so realistic reflected the despair and pain of the main character, that he showed himself to be a true connoisseur of the female soul, her inner world.

Opera "The Thieving Magpie": content, video, interesting facts, history

D. Rossini opera "Forty Thief" Few people know what is at stake in the opera "Forty Thief" by Gioacchino Rossini - it is so rarely performed. However, almost everyone heard the overture. According to the legend, she appeared last, the day before the premiere - the impresario of La Scala simply locked Rossini in the room, not letting it out until he threw out the sheets with notes of the famous melody with drums through the window.

Opera "Maria Stuart": content, video, interesting facts, history

G. Donizetti opera "Maria Stewart" The tragic fate of the Scottish Queen Maria Stewart more than once became the object of works of art - from painting to cinema. Indeed, what an intriguing and grateful plot for the creator is the confrontation of two monarchs, two religions and worldviews, a block instead of the crown ... However, Gaetano Donizetti, starting to work on the opera Mary Stuart, could not even imagine that it would be borne by a truly dramatic fate.

Opera "The Tsar's Bride": content, video, interesting facts

ON. Rimsky-Korsakov opera "The Tsar's Bride" Literary basis for the opera "The Tsar's Bride" N.A. Rimsky-Korsakogo became the same drama by LA Mea The idea to create an opera on the plot of this work arose from the composer in the late 60s of the XIX century, but he began to write it only three decades later.

Operetta "The Merry Widow": content, video, interesting facts, history

F. Legar operetta "Merry widow" "Merry widow" is a new direction in the operetta, a work written in the genre of tragicomedy. Lehar wrote it, trying to put a serious meaning into the easy genre, to make the viewer think, worry. Despite a large number of funny, ironic episodes, later they began to say that Legar brought tears to the operetta.

Opera "Iolanta": content, video, interesting facts, arias

P.I. Tchaikovsky opera "Iolanta" Opera PI. Tchaikovsky "Iolanta" refers to the genre of lyrical musical drama. It was created in 1891 from July to September and became the last opera of the composer. “I will write such an opera that everyone will cry,” said the great Russian composer, while working on his work.

Opera "Norma": content, video, interesting facts

V. Bellini opera "Norma" The Opera V. Bellini "Norma" was written after the tragedy of Louis Alexander Somaet, a French writer. It stands out against the background of many works of this genre with its extraordinary beauty and virtuoso soprano arias. Even Bellini himself considered it a masterpiece and said that if a shipwreck suddenly happened, the only work that just needed to be saved was “Norma”.