Full story song "Boots"

Probably, since the opportunity to make sound recordings appeared, the first controversial situations in the definition of copyright appeared. A song can be performed at different times by different performers, and then descendants think who the author is. Take, for example, the song "Valenki", the vicissitudes of which are known to specialists.

Famous Works for a'capella choir

"Echo" Orlando di Lasso One of the most striking works for the choir is the "Echo" Orlando di Lasso, written in his own texts. The choir is written in the form of a canon, and contains two homophonic-harmonic layers - this is the main choir and ensemble of soloists, with the help of which the composer achieves an echo effect.

How to write the lyrics?

How to write the lyrics? For any musical performer who seeks self-expression, sooner or later the question arises of creating his own compositions - songs or instrumental compositions. While instrumental music can be interpreted by people as they please, the song is a universal means, allowing you to convey your thoughts to the listener in a more or less clear way.

What are the poetic dimensions?

In the Russian poetics, the syllabic-tonic system of versification was introduced, introduced with the help of Lomonosov and Trediakovsky. In short: in the tonic system the number of stresses in the string is important, and the syllabic implies the presence of rhyme. Before we learn how to determine the size of the verse, let us recall the meanings of certain terms.

About "Oh, frost, frost ..." and other frosty songs: where did they come from?

It is interesting to observe how the songs from the author go into the category of the folk - it happens differently: now, literally before our eyes, then "imperceptibly, slowly", as sung in the famous aria of Dr. Bartolo. The whole country knows these songs, but the authors of their lyrics and music are forgotten. What is thought in connection with what has been said?