Performers on stringed instruments

SoHyun Ko is only eight years old, and she already masterfully plays the violin, look at how her fingers run fast and how expressively, emotionally she plays. In February 2005, she performed at the Seoul Arts Center along with the Nolraon Orchestra with Violin Concerto W.A. Mozart. SoHyun Ko is the youngest violinist who ever performed in this concert hall.

Wind Instruments

Junior clarinetist Julian Bliss, who has been playing the famous Gershwin Summertime work for five years on video. He began his career at the age of four years and now successfully acts as a classical and jazz musician, and also is a designer of the original instrument and successfully collaborates with the well-known clarinet manufacturer Leblanc.

Young pianists

For several centuries the Mozart phenomenon has been occupied by the minds of parents and teachers who want to raise the same prodigy in children. It suffices to recall the father of the famous L. Beethoven, who was haunted by the glory of a competitor and he wanted to develop genius in his son. Who knows, can any of these small and unusually gifted pianists in the future be a famous musician who will make a huge contribution to the history of music?