The amazing life of jazz

The amazing life of jazz

What great jazzmen do you know? Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, BB King? Many famous musicians left their bright mark on the history of jazz. Their work is sometimes distinctive, brightly flashy, amazingly beautiful can not fail to fascinate. To make you better acquainted with the great jazzmen, we have compiled for you a selection of unique facts and secrets from their work and biography.

Louis Armstrong - who is unfamiliar with his unique hoarse voice, literally enveloping the listener with soft velvet sounds? And you know that he did not know the exact date of his birth, and he himself wrote on July 4, 1900. However, after his death, a birth certificate was found and, as it turned out, the jazzman made a mistake for just one year and a month, the exact date of August 4, 1901.

What do you know about the beginning of his career? For example, the musician himself believed that it began due to his hooligan trick, when he decided to celebrate the beginning of the New Year in his own way and arranged a shooting with a revolver. Louis was only 6 years old and for this he was sent to a correctional colony. However, it benefited him! Thanks to being there for several years, he met the conductor of the ensemble, who taught him the basics of musical art. By the way, the great jazzman never studied anywhere.

Jamie Davis - the famous jazz vocalist, whose voice is called "chocolate baritone". Already at 13, he organized his jazz band and successfully performed. But for Davis, the army served as a real music school - a special musical squad.

Eastern composition Caravan familiar to a huge number of people. The lion's share of such popularity is due to the very genius Duke Ellington. Another merit is the use of the Caravan in the series “Well, wait a minute,” when, under this colorful music, the cat showed tricks in a circus. Remember? And what do you know about the composer himself? He is among those musicians whose fame is limitless. Duke is not a real name, but a nickname, which he received at the age of eight for his elegant style and manners. His first performance was an accident. Once he spent the evening in a pub, called "Poodle". The pianist, who was supposed to entertain the public, drank heavily and simply did not understand the notes, Duke came to the rescue and then skillfully performed his composition before the enthusiastic audience.

Ray Charles is a jazzman, before whose work such glorified musicians as Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney and many others worshiped. Having survived a terrible shock - the death of his younger brother at a young age, Ray lost his sight completely. But despite this, he remained faithful to his passion for music and reached enormous heights. Did you know that the most famous single "What'd I Say" jazzman appeared purely by chance during a performance in 1958. After playing the song, Rey decided to fill the resulting pause and began to play a beautiful melody and singing to engage in dialogue with the public. A few months later the hit was recorded at the studio.

The famous American trumpeter Miles Davis often compared with the artist Picasso. Unlike many famous jazzmen, his childhood was spent in abundance and in one of the best areas of the city. Did you know that this musician, who became widely known in jazz, tried himself in rock music? He even is the creator of the new direction of "jazz-rock", which once again confirms his unique ability to skillfully mix different styles and directions. Miles often used exotic African and Indian instruments in his speeches. Nowadays, a musician would be called "the king of outrageous", his outfits for performing were too catchy and sometimes screaming. Just imagine: a huge headdress of golden fabric, a bright embroidered robe, casually draped over shoulders and lots and lots of rings, beads and bracelets. All this in order to have success with the public and he undoubtedly achieved it.

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