Reasons to become a guitar player in the digital age

In an age of rapidly developing technologies, when most of the hobbies of adolescents and young people, in one way or another, are connected with computers, in the era of drones and colliders it is quite difficult to find a hobby that would not be in contact with technology. But there is a pretty good way to dilute this monotony. The name of this method - "playing the guitar." Despite the fact that this tool is not new at all, and it is rather difficult to surprise with the virtuosity of owning it, you should not leave it unattended.

Why does it make sense for a young man to become a guitar player in the digital age?
Uniqueness - yes - yes, this is a pretty good reason to stand out against the background of a huge amount of synthetic and "inanimate" electronic music. And although cloud rap is more popular today than the songs of Yanka Dygileva and Yegor Letov, this is the beauty of it - this will definitely make it possible to stand out from the crowd not only with the instrument, but also with the repertoire. Which, by the way, is quite a weighty plus for schoolchildren or students who are not working yet - if the stubborn dad does not want to invest capital in a new hobby - promise him to learn to play his beloved Butusov, or Tsoi, or Vysotsky, or Okudzhava (underline the right), for sure it will be heard.

The relative compactness of the instrument - if the neighbor boy cannot take his whole DJ console on a date with a girl, the representative of our cohort has a huge advantage here. The guitar is quite compact, therefore it can accompany the owner almost everywhere - except in rare cases.
Playing a guitar favorably affects memory and concentration - remembering the melody of a song, as well as combinations of chords, a person does not even suspect that it has significant benefits for the development of his cognitive and muscular memory. Computer games, of course, also develop some things, let's say a reaction ... But at the same time they cause significant harm to health.

The opportunity to learn how to play your favorite songs is perhaps one of the most powerful advantages, forcing many to touch the guitar at least once, and perhaps not only to touch, but to really understand if not wisdom, then at least the basics ( playing the guitar converges with the luminaries in that the notorious 3-4 chords are enough to perform quite a lot of great songs). By the way, having learned at least one song, an aspiring musician faces another phenomenon: the inability to play and sing at the same time, which also will have to be learned over time - there is not always a company with a separate soloist.

The right to be called a musician - yes, even after the first simplest Am, Dm, Em, there are already some reasons to classify yourself as one of the vast and beautiful world of music (or, alternatively, rock music), and therefore to express your "authoritative" point of view on websites and forums. By the way, on these forums there is an opportunity to find like-minded people and spend more time with them in reality, and not at the monitor.

Dare! And who knows? Maybe years later you will be counted as Nightwish, Motorhead and Iron Maiden. Everything is possible…
p.s. Gaining popularity with the opposite sex is more a myth than a plus - the ability to play the guitar does not always guarantee success with girls. So, if you decide to master this noble instrument, do it for yourself, and not with the goal of becoming a subject of adoration.

Source: Repetit Center

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