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From the life of musicians Link About music Link Great composers Link In our box, we have collected articles about the most interesting, amazing, sometimes not at all conceivable, but necessarily musical. These are diverse educational articles about music, containing a lot of valuable information and a real collection of interesting stories about the life and work of great musicians who left a deep mark in the history of world culture.

From the life of musicians

When the Conservatory didn’t work out Link Link Life-long romance Link Unusual costumes by great maestros Link What did great composers Link V. keen on? Mozart "Requiem" Link One cannot but agree that the musicians are mysterious individuals themselves. These are people who speak and think in the language of sounds; people who give to others around timeless beauty, elevating and ennobling their soul.

About music

Secret in music Link I see the sound, I hear the color Link What does the music say? Link At all times, music has been the main cause of the envious views of artists, poets, sculptors, architects, and writers. And all because she has always been considered the highest way of thinking and the queen of all the arts. After all, it is not by chance that it is considered that in every work of art there is hidden music, because, as the symbolist poet and philosopher Vyacheslav Ivanov truly noted, “the very soul of musical art”.

A life long romance

Life-long romance You will find a flower with five petals on a lilac branch - expect happiness ... All of us since childhood believe in this sign and the wonderful ability of lilac to work wonders. It was about this that Sergey Rachmaninoff wrote his most gentle and heartfelt romance "Lilac". Creating it, the composer did not guess that this particular flower would become a constant companion of his life and not only ... Once after the concert, Rachmaninoff received a large bouquet of white lilac.

When the conservatory did not work out

When the conservatory didn’t work out How do we represent professional musicians: composers, performers, conductors? These are creative, bright personalities who have graduated from a serious educational institution - the Conservatory or the Academy of Music. Has it always been like that? Does the admission committee immediately see prospective applicants of world-class professionals?

Unusual costumes of the great maestro

Unusual costumes of great maestros. In this article we decided to acquaint you with very curious facts from the lives of two of the greatest composers - R. Wagner and G. Berlioz. It would seem, what can be common between these completely different composers in origin, style, aesthetic views and creativity?

What is music talking about?

What is music talking about? Music is part of our life. Without it, our life would be boring and monotonous. She is always with us, even if we do not feel it. Why is this happening? The thing is that music is like a closed magic box. To learn to listen to music, especially classical, you need to pick up the magic key to the box.

Secret in music

Secret in Music Of all types of art, music has the most secret signs and ciphers. Many pieces of music from different eras contain hidden messages that historians have been able to decipher. Of course, they are known to most professional musicians, but the average listeners are unlikely: well, the piece sounds, it is pleasant to listen to it, notes and notes, but about its ciphers, as they say, they "have never heard of".

I see the sound, I hear the color

I see the sound, I hear the color "... music gives a mood, and it is necessary to recreate the thought and image on it" Rimsky-Korsakov The world of art is full of mysteries and unusual phenomena that excite the minds of many studies. One of them is the ability to see sounds. From sound to meaning Even in ancient India, the wise men spoke of the inseparable connection between music and color, the same was confirmed by Aristotle, arguing that the ratio of sounds is like musical sounds.

What were great composers interested in?

What did great composers like? What do you like to do in your free time? Scrapbooking, quilling, hunting, knitting? This list is almost endless. Almost all of us have some kind of hobby, a favorite activity for the soul, which helps to distract from problems and urgent matters, completely immersed in it.

Great composers: biography, interesting facts, videos, creativity

Great composers Joseph Haydn Link Niccolò Paganini Link Johannes Brahms Link Georg Friedrich Händel Link Sergei Prokofiev Link Ludwig van Beethoven Link Sergei Rachmaninov Link Antonio Vivaldi Link Giuseppe Verdi Link Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Link Igor Stravinsky Link Outline Candidates Graphics Drawers Scientists Link Link Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka Link Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky Link Johann Sebastian Bach Link Felix Mendelssohn Link Franz Liszt Link Richard Wagner Link Edward Grieg Link Aram Khachaturian Link Karl Maria von Weber Link Frederic Chopin Link Dmitry Alexander Shostakovich Link Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin Link Claude Debussy Link George Gershvin Link Camille Saint-Saens Link Johann Strauss Link Robert Schumann Link Hector Berlioz Link Georgy Sviridov Link Alexander Sergeevich Dargomyzhsky Link Alexander Nikolaevich Skryabin Link Miliy Alekseevich Balakirev Link French Jerk Sharduzk Sharidzhi Link Alexander Nikolayevich Skryabin Link Link Shiliman Baliuk Link Gustav Mahler Link Arnold Schönberg Link Alfred Schnittke Link Francis Poulenc Link Bela Bartok Link Antonin Dvořák Link Georges Bizet Link Imre Kalman Link Astor Piazzolla Link

V.A. Mozart "Requiem": history, video, interesting facts, listen

V.A. Mozart "Requiem" Requiem - Catholic solemn funeral Mass. It has little to do with liturgical rites, but rather refers to concert works. In essence, the Requiem is the quintessence of the entire Christian religion - in contrasting parts of the character, mortal people are reminded of the soul’s otherworldly path, of the inevitable terrible day of judgment on everyone: no one will escape punishment, but the Lord is merciful, he bestows mercy and peace.

Carl Maria von Weber: biography, interesting facts, creativity

Karl Maria von Weber "A talented person is talented in everything" - this expression can rightly be attributed to Karl Weber. He was not only a famous writer, performer and conductor, but also showed outstanding organizational skills and leadership talent. Were it not for Weber the musician, we would surely know Weber the writer or Weber the painter today, since in these areas of art he too proved to be very successful.

Arnold Schoenberg: biography, interesting facts, videos, creativity.

Arnold Schönberg Is it possible to check harmony with algebra? It turned out that you can. Arnold Schoenberg mathematically derived a new concept of writing music - the dodecaphony, which is based not on the impulses of the creative soul, but on an exact calculation, and turned out to be the creator of a new musical language of the 20th century. A brief biography of Arnold Schoenberg and many interesting facts about the composer can be found on our page.

Mily Balakirev: biography, interesting facts, creativity

Mily Alekseevich Balakirev The name of Milia Alekseevich Balakirev is familiar to many, it immediately evokes associations with the "Mighty Handful." However, there is hardly a person who is far from musicology and can even name one or two of his compositions without thinking. It so happened that Balakirev is known as a public figure, a teacher, but not as a composer.

Claudio Monteverdi: biography, interesting facts, creativity

Claudio Monteverdi Santa Maria de Gloriosa dei Frari is one of the greatest Venetian basilicas. As in many temples of the Most Serene, aristocrats and artists are comforted here: Doji Giovanni Pesaro and Francesco Dandolo, the artist Titian and the sculptor Antonio Canova. To the left of the altar, decorated by Titian’s “Ascension of the Virgin Mary”, is the Milanese chapel, in the floor of which is an unexpectedly modest small plate with the printed name: Claudio Monteverdi.

Charles Gounod: biography, interesting facts, work

Charles Gounod Among many famous composers, whose names perpetuated their immortal works, there are those that have become associated with a whole epoch or a specific direction in art. However, there is a separate category of individuals endowed with a special gift, who with time allegedly hid in the shadow of prominent contemporaries and followers.

Alexander Dargomyzhsky: biography, interesting facts, work

Alexander Sergeevich Dargomyzhsky Many of those who did not smile at creative success consider themselves unrecognized geniuses. But the true meaning of talent is known only by time - it covers someone with oblivion, and endows someone with immortality. The unusual talent of Alexander Sergeevich Dargomyzhsky was not appreciated by his contemporaries, but it was his contribution to Russian music that turned out to be the most significant for several subsequent generations of Russian composers.