B. Britten "Orchestra Guide"

"Guide to the orchestra for young students"

Benjamin britten

Benjamin Britten stood at the origins of the revival of English music on the world stage. He created works of various genres and paid particular attention to popular trends. His role as an enlightener musician was reflected in musical etudes that were intended for young people and children.

Purcell's works attracted the ardent interest of the author, thanks to which the edited versions of Dido and Aeneas, The Beggar’s Opera were born. The unique value of all the works of Britten is given to "Variations and Fugues on the Purcell theme", which has become a kind of "guide to the orchestra for young people." The piece was originally written for the “Orchestra Instruments” documentary by Matheson. In the future, the guide was performed in London Symphony Orchestra.

A complex polyphonic composition introduces listeners to the possible timbres of various orchestra instruments. Such an interesting and specific sound makes an impression even on the smallest spectators and can safely take the place of the most popular educational musical creation. The guide is recommended to kids from the age of six, will acquaint them with the amazing and vibrant world of symphonic music. The sound of the orchestra is periodically interrupted by clear and interesting explanations. Comments reveal each tool and characterize it for the child.

All of them are embodied in their character, wear a kind of mask, and sound in various genres, which include polonaises, marches, nocturnes, chorals and others. Thus, an entire portrait gallery of tools is created. This kaleidoscope of sounds charms alternately with different timbres, which eventually merge into sparkling fugue. The writing consists of several fragments and a final for the convenience of the viewer. The guide includes six ensemble combinations of orchestral compositions, thirty solo performances, which then merge into a fugue with the use of all the instruments at once.

Teach your child to distinguish musical instruments by ear, thanks to their phenomenal and unique timbre of sound. All of them are different in depth and saturation, in the presence of a velvety or soft shade, as well as in duration and brightness. Here you can enjoy a wonderful violin, expressive viola, exciting cello and double bass. Do not miss the touching flute, clarinet, bassoon, loud trumpet and trombone, as well as a variety of drums. The list of all used instruments is endless, as is the limitless and rich world of music.

Watch the video: Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the orchestra HD (November 2019).

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