Musical instrument: Cornet

Musical instrument: Cornet

Cornet or zinc is considered an undeservedly forgotten hero of musical art. For two centuries - XVI-XVII, it was one of the most popular tools in Europe, because not a single city holiday could do without it. It was believed that he was most similar to the human voice, so his sound caused special feelings among the audience.

Surprisingly, today the cornet is attributed to the group of brass instruments, although it was made of wood - plane, pear, or plum. It sounds like a trumpet, but its voice is slightly weaker and softer. The shape of the cornet is captured on the bas-relief of the Lincoln Cathedral: it is a seven-hole conical tube. The shape of this tool could be different: it was made of a straight and curved shape. Curved cornets were considered exclusive, they were covered with leather or even made of ivory.

It is believed that one of the main reasons for the neglect of this musical instrument was the epidemic of diseases that swept through Europe in the XVII century, which was called the Great Plague. Swift and merciless, she did not leave the most talented virtuosos of Cornet alive. Together with them, the former glory of their instrument is gone.

Watch the video: You raise me up cornet solo (October 2019).

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