How to make a computer "orchestra"?

Computer for many of us has become an integral part of life. We can no longer imagine our weekday without games and walks on the global Internet. But this is not all the capabilities of a computer. PC, thanks to the growth of technology, incorporates the properties of many other multimedia devices, in particular, sound synthesizers.

How to use a computer keyboard as a midi device?

I think that those who tried to work with sound on a computer, probably heard about such devices as midi-controllers. Yes, and many people far from creating music had the opportunity to contemplate artists on performances with a variety of "twists" and "clicks" for a fabulous price. How to get hold of such a useful thing without spending a penny?

How to create a karaoke clip on a computer? It's simple!

Since its appearance in Japan, karaoke gradually captured the whole world, reaching Russia, where it gained popularity, the scope of which has not met any entertainment since the days of skiing from the mountain. And in the age of development of modern technologies, everyone can join the beautiful, creating their own karaoke video.