How to create a karaoke clip on a computer? It's simple!

Since its appearance in Japan, karaoke gradually captured the whole world, reaching Russia, where it gained popularity, the scope of which has not met any entertainment since the days of skiing from the mountain.

And in the age of development of modern technologies, everyone can join the beautiful, creating their own karaoke video. So today we will talk about how to create a karaoke clip on a computer.

For this you need the following:

  • The program AV Video Karaoke Maker, which can be downloaded for free on the Internet (in addition, there are versions in Russian)
  • Video clip from which you are going to make karaoke video.
  • The song in ".Mp3" or ".Wav", if you want to substitute other music in your video.
  • Lyrics.

So let's get started:

Step 1. Open the program AV Video Karaoke Maker and get to the start screen. Here you need to click on the icon "Start a new project" indicated by the arrow.

Step 2. You will be taken to the file selection window. Pay attention to the supported video formats - if the extension of your video file is not listed, then the video will need to be recoded into a supported format or find another video. You can also select an audio file to add to the project.

Step 3. So, the video was added and placed on the left as an audio track. This is only half the battle. After all, this video should act as a background. Click on the "Add Background" icon and add the same video as the background.

Step 4. The next step is to add text to your future karaoke clip. To do this, click on the icon "Add text" indicated by the arrow. The text should be in the format ".txt". It is advisable to break it down into syllables in advance so that karaoke is more rhythmically accurate.

Step 5. After adding text, you can go to the settings, where you can tweak parameters such as color, size and text font, plus see which music and background files are added and whether they are added.

Step 6. The most interesting step is the synchronization of music with text. Feel free to click on the familiar "Play" triangle, but for now the intro is in progress, on the "Sync" tab and then "Start Sync" (By the way, this can be done by simply pressing F5 while playing music).

Step 7. And now every time the word sounds, press the "Insert" button, which is located in the lower right corner among the four buttons that you can click on. Instead of clicking the mouse, you can use the combination "Alt + Space".

Step 8. We assume that you coped with the synchronization of the text perfectly. The only thing left is to export videos with text labels. Why click on the button "Export", which, as always, is indicated by the arrow.

Step 9. Everything is simple here - choose the place where the video will be exported, as well as the video format and frame size. Clicking on the "Start" button will start the video export process, which will last several minutes.

Step 10. Enjoy the final result and call your karaoke friends to you!

Now you know how to create a karaoke clip on a computer, with which I sincerely congratulate you.

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