Classical cartoon music

Classical cartoon music

Music gives a huge scope for the imagination of the little man, so the sooner to begin to attach him to her, the better. One of the most effective methods is to include cartoons for children, in which classical works are played. Almost all children, without exception, love animated films, their stories are clear and simple, so they will not be able to leave a single child indifferent.

The tradition to use classical music in animated films laid the well-known Walt Disney. His series "Naive Symphonies" was a brilliant example of how to bring beautiful classical music to a child through animation.

A masterpiece of Soviet animation using classical music was a cartoon "Nutcracker". He was shot based on the tale of Ernst Hoffman and Tchaikovsky's ballet. In the cartoon there is not a single word, and the whole plot is built on music. Here the Christmas fairy tale harmoniously combined with classical music. Without this fairy-tale story, not a single New Year's holiday is doing right now.

Another cartoon in which the wonderful music of the great composer PI Tchaikovsky sounds is "Seasons". This puppet film tells the story of a couple in love, showing their relationship at all times of the year. In the spring, young people meet, in the summer they spend time together, in the fall they have to part, in the winter to meet again. Beautiful, gentle plot, coupled with classical music, gives an unsurpassed effect and attracts the audience.

Piano plays "Children's Album" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky sound throughout the entire cartoon "Children's album". An interesting fact for a small viewer and listener will be the story of how this work came into being. Once the great composer heard his nephew diligently tormenting sketches. Regretting the young musician, Tchaikovsky wrote a variety in nature, but easy to perform piano pieces. Air music is organically combined in the cartoon with the picture itself, creating bright and understandable images for children.

The great Sergey Sergeevich Prokofiev wrote a symphonic tale in 1936 "Peter and the Wolf". Thus, the composer decided to acquaint children with a variety of symphony orchestra instruments. As the author himself said, for him the tale itself was not important, but listening to the music by the children. Each character in this story is represented by a specific instrument, including the flute, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, and others. The story tells about the boy Petya, who rescues his friends from the wolf, while showing courage and ingenuity.

"Walk" ─ cartoon, giving the opportunity to once again listen to the music of SS Prokofiev. A very kind film in which two kids during a journey through the meadow get acquainted with its inhabitants, as well as fall through the rain. All this is accompanied by great music.

"Pictures from the exhibition" presented by Modest Mussorgsky’s music performed by the virtuoso pianist Sviatoslav Richter. Pictures from the exhibition come to life in this animated film and take young viewers to a fabulous and mysterious forest. The main character of the cartoon is not afraid of Baba Yaga, she passed all the tests, and in the final she saw a cheerful dance of chickens. The cartoon presents two plays by a famous composer.

The story of a little sick girl, who was decided to support and entertain the dolls, is told in an animated film "Dancing dolls". This gentle cartoon accompanies the brilliant music of the great Dmitry Shostakovich.

The main character of all these cartoons is classical music, it plays a very important role in the development of the plot. Beautiful melodies dressed in visible images sound throughout the whole action. The music from the cartoons reaches the child in an understandable, accessible form, thus becoming dear to him. These cartoons are not the only ones that can acquaint your child with the classics. If you wish, you can find a lot of both our and foreign animated films in which classical music plays. They are all filled with goodness and light.

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