How to learn intervals? Music hits - to help!

The ability to determine intervals for hearing is an important quality, which is valuable both in itself and as an integral part of other skills.

For example, a child who can identify any interval by ear can cope with dictations in solfeggio classes much better.

This skill seems to many students a terrible, heavy duty, which strict theoretical teachers torture children. Meanwhile, not everyone can easily and immediately distinguish between a quart and a fifth, and a large sixth from a small one, using a natural apparatus — a rumor.

But the inability to click intervals like nuts does not mean that you are doomed. If it is impossible to use hearing, let the memory help!

How to remember the intervals?

This technique is successfully used by many experienced teachers, whose hopes for the student’s natural talents were not justified, and the performance and effectiveness of the educational process cannot remain as they are.

So, how can you take an interval top without fully trusting your own ears? But how: listen to music! Not any, not everything and your favorite group. There is a certain set of songs that you yourself can add if you learn well this topic.

Such songs start at any particular interval. For example, the notorious "The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree" begins with a great sixth. And if you remember this, then the big sixth will no longer be a mystery to you forever. A famous favorite of music lovers and romantics "Love Story" begins with a small sixth, however, in contrast to the "Yolochka", descending, not ascending. (In the uplink interval, the first sound is lower than the second). Moreover, this whole love melody is a live advertisement for a small sixth!

Cheat Sheet by Intervals!

Of course, you say, here, too, not without pitfalls! Of course, not everyone and even this method will succeed immediately, but the first uncertainty will be destroyed by the very first success.

If you hear intervalthen focus and imagine which of the following songs you could do after it. After a while of such classes, the beginning of the Russian anthem will already firmly enter your mind as a pure quart, and Cheburashka's sweetheart song will be associated with a small second.

h 1Jingle Bells,
"Song of friends" ("There is nothing better in the world ...").
m 2"Cherbourg umbrellas" (Les Parapluies De Cherbourg), "The crocodile song Genes" ("Let them run ..."), "I was once a strange, nameless toy", "May there always be sunshine!""To Eliza", Carmen's aria ("Love is like a bird's, wings"), "Song of the robbers" ("They say we are fucking buki ...")
b 2"Evening ringing", "If a friend went on the road," "I remember a wonderful moment""Antoshka", "Yesterday".
m 3"Moscow Nights", "Tell, Snow Maiden, where you were", "Farewell Song" ("Let's quietly ..." film "Ordinary Miracle"), "Chung-Chang.""Little Christmas tree is cold in winter", "Tired toys are sleeping."
b 3"Mountain peaks" (variant of Anton Rubinstein)."Chizhik-Pyzhik".
h 4Anthem of Russia, "Blue Car", "Moments" (from the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring"), "A Cossack is Young Walking Around the Don", "Song of the Ingenious Detective"."A grasshopper was sitting in the grass", "Daddy can" (the beginning of the chorus), "Blue carriage" (the beginning of the chorus).
h 5"Mama" ("Mama is the first word ...")."True Friend" ("Strong Friendship ..."), "Vologda".
m 6"Coachman, do not drive the horses" (the beginning of the chorus),
"Under the blue sky", "Beautiful far away" (the beginning of the chorus).
"Love Story", "Once upon a time there was a black cat around the corner", "I ask ..." ("Song of a faraway homeland", film "Seventeen Moments of Spring").
b 6"A Christmas tree was born in the forest", "And you know, there will still be!""Beat the clock on the old tower"
m 7"La cumparsita""Frost snow wrapped" (End of the chorus "A Christmas tree was born in the forest")
b 7--
h 8“Turn” (group “Time Machine”), “Where the Motherland Begins,” “Like Life Without Spring” (film “Midshipmen, Go Forward!”)

As you can see, popular music has bypassed the harshest and most unpleasant with its love. interval - Septim. And if m7 was still lucky with "La cumparsita" and a fragment of "Little Christmas Tree", then her big sister got melodies that are not "heard". However, she still does not hide from your attentive ears. If you hear something very unpleasant that sounds between "La cumparsita" and the hit "Time Machine" "Turn", then this is a big septim.

This method is tested by theorists on the most "hopeless" students. He supports the old truth: there are no incompetent people, there is a lack of effort and laziness.

Watch the video: ARE YOU MAKING THIS EAR TRAINING MISTAKE? don't use interval songs (October 2019).

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