Easter Troparion - notes of everyday holiday chants

Very soon the great feast of the Resurrection of Christ will come, solemn divine services will be held, during which the Orthodox will joyfully in their hearts repeat the words "Christ is Risen" many times.

Easter troparion begins with these words - notes of its everyday version (on the fifth voice), as well as other tunes (“Court”, “Bell”), you can watch and download directly from this page.

I remind you that the troparion is a short chants, glorifying one of the events of the Gospel or any saint. From the text, which contain notes of Easter troparion, it is clear what exactly we are talking about. Troparion of Easter in the text is divided into three phrases. The first is “Christ is risen from the dead,” with these words proclaiming the joyful news of the Savior’s resurrection. The second phrase is “death by death”, these words mean that with his sufferings he conquered death. The last, third phrase in the troparo - “having given the life to the graves in the belly, bestowing” says that all the righteous after death are granted eternal life.

So, the troparion of Easter - the notes in its everyday version of chanting on the fifth voice can be opened, saved and printed out by clicking here - The Troparion of Easter voice 5

If the first link does not work, do not despair, here's a spare one, with which you can download Easter notes from the Yandex disk service - //yadi.sk/d/DAm5Zrxx4Nc4A

By the way, if you do not open pdf files, I advise you to download and install a tiny program on your companion to view such files. The program is called Adobe Reader, it is free. You only need to download from the official site, which is easy to find if you enter a direct query with the name of the program in a search engine.

See how solemnly the Easter troparion sounds in the performance of a large chorus of participants of the festive festival:

Easter troparion is sung many times at the festive services, therefore, as a rule, the choir learns it at once to several different tunes. For example, the regents and the kliroshan have long been fond of such tunes as the Court or the so-called Bellflower became widespread.

Easter Troparion of Court Chant - look at the notes here - Easter Troparion of Court Chant or download from the Yandex disk - here.

Easter Troparion Bell - open notes and save from this page - Easter Troparion Bell or do everything again with the help of our beloved Yandex - //yadi.sk/d/Dbf9tWs94O2ML

Troparion Easter in different languages ​​- sheet music

If you serve in the Bishops' Council, then on feast you should sing the troparians of Easter in different languages. There are notes with the text of the troparion in Greek, Latin, English and French. Everything is combined into one pdf-file.

Notes Troparion Easter in different languages ​​- Troparion Easter in different languages ​​link to download from Yandex here

Here I found on YouTube a video in which the troparion of Easter is sung in Greek. It sounds very festive:

P.S. On our site you can also download and many other notes for church choir - for example, Christmas carols or notes of troparion and kondak Christmas.

Watch the video: 242 The First Three Days of Holy Week Part 1 - Fr. Thomas Hopko (October 2019).

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