Troparion and kontakion of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - notes of festive chants on vocal chants

We continue to publish notes of everyday church hymns for the holidays for those who independently prepare for services or participate in amateur choirs. For this issue we have prepared a troparion and a kontakion of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the upcoming holiday, which is celebrated on August 28.

The feast of the feast begins with the words "In Virginity virginity has preserved thou art" (the first "line") and is sung on the 1st voice. The kondak of the holiday "In the prayers of the restless Mother of God" is chanted on the 2nd voice.

Attention! These details here are not emphasized by the bald and nothing to do, dear singers. If you have not yet learned the voices, then you just need to memorize the first lines of the TOP touring kondak and their melodies.

Now the notes themselves - as always, two options (one spare, if something did not work). Notes for a mixed choir in a normal humane human tessiture, if you set the tone for a tuning fork, of course (some regents, you know, sin, then they will set the tone as they like (choking the voices of the choir members), then the mixed choir will be put on notes for the male).

So here are the notes:

Sheet music - Troparion Assumption Voice 1 (pdf-file opens in a new box)

Notes - Kondak Assumption voice 2 (also opens in a separate tab)

The backup option is troparion and condac (stored on a Yandex disk in one common archive).

We remind that, whenever possible, we try to make our issues regular, as the statistics of downloading of materials has shown their high relevance. Previously, chants were published for the holidays of the Nativity of Christ (troparion and kontakus, several famous carols), Easter (several versions of troparion, verses and exapostilary) and Transfigurations (troparion and kondak).

Finally, we want to make you happy with a good video - this is a high-quality performance of the troparion to the assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos by an ensemble of male voices:

Watch the video: NewTemple (November 2019).

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