Easter bell "Bell" - notes of Easter chants

During the forty-day Easter celebrations, the troparion of the festival is sung thousands of times in a wide variety of tunes. One of these tunes is the so-called "Bellflower", the music for which was written by the composer M. Vasiliev. Notes of the troparion Easter "Bell" in the format can be downloaded from this page, save and print.

Why is this version of the harmonization of Easter troparion called the bell? It's all about the idea or idea itself, if you want. Throughout the whole Holy Week, cross processions around the temples are performed daily under the bell chimes, and it is allowed to anyone to ring the bells for the sake of the holy feast.

Probably, the composer decided that the troparion of Easter would sound somehow solemnly and lightly, if the singing is likened to a bell chime giving glory to the Resurrection of the Savior. In the above video, you can hear how it sounds:

Notes of the Easter troparion "Bell" can be opened with the help of this link - Easter Bell Troparion or downloaded from the Yandex disk, here from here. Files in pdf format can be opened using the Adobe Reader program (a small free, but very good program) - it can be downloaded for free on the official website of the manufacturer.

Notes of the Easter troparion of other tunes are laid out here. On this page you will find both everyday chant for the fifth voice, and the well-known courtly chant. There is also Easter troparion in various foreign languages ​​(including Easter troparion in Greek, Latin, English and French).

P.S. On our site there are lined notes and other festive chants for the church choir: for example, carols or notes of Christmas troparion and kondak.

Watch the video: THE BELLS OF EASTER SATB Choir - arr. Brad Nix (October 2019).

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